Housing financing in 2020

Against a background of persistently low interest rates and a health crisis, the French housing market remained resilient in 2020: the number of sales in France has reached 1,024,000, down 4% from its 2019 peak, but far above the average of the last 3 years (999,000 sales). At the same time, the INSEE price index for existing properties continued to rise by 6.4% in metropolitan France, in a uniform manner between the Île-de-France region and the rest of the country, despite the slight decline observed in Paris in the fourth quarter (-0.1%). In this environment, the annual production of housing loans amounted to EUR 252.4 billion in 2020, i.e. an increase of 2.4% compared with 2019; moreover, although it has decelerated slightly from its peak in May 2020, reaching 242 billion in March 2021 over a 12-month rolling period, loan production remains well above its annual average since end-2003 (156.7 billion). At the same time, outstanding housing loans grew by 5.4% year-on-year, while other loans to individuals fell by 0.5%.

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Housing financing in 2020
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