Human and technical resources

Human resources

In accordance with Article R. 612-35 I of the Monetary and Financial Code, the secretariat of the Sanctions Committee is composed of ACPR staff. To ensure their independence, Article 14 of the amended Decision No. 2010-02 of 18 March 2010 concerning the organisation of the ACPR states that although these staff belong administratively to the Legal Affairs Directorate of the ACPR, “they shall report operationally and hierarchically to the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee”. This exceptional management framework was specified in a document co-signed by the Secretary General of the ACPR and the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee: these staff belong to the Secretariat of the ACPR but depend on the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee for major career-related aspects (in particular, recruitment, salary and promotion).


Technical resources

The Sanctions Committee has set up a completely digitised handling system for its cases, allowing a simplification of the investigation phase and an easier transmission of each dossier to the members called upon to deliberate.

For each procedure, the Committee invites the parties to provide digitised versions of all the elements in the dossier. To this end, it provides a secure extranet website via which documents may be transmitted and uploaded whatever their size (if need be, these documents may also be sent by secure USB key). Thanks to sophisticated IT equipment (notably, multiple 22-inch screens and a sophisticated file management software), its staff are thus able to handle the entire procedure without having recourse to a paper version of the dossier. Committee members (who have access to this site) also have the possibility of consulting the digitised version of the dossier, not only from their home, but also during the hearing, using a 22-inch screen in addition to their standard laptop and the sophisticated file management software.

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