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Charter for the appraisal of “Fintech” authorisation requests

The Fintech and Innovation Hub helps "Fintech" project initiators to better understand the regulatory framework for activities falling within the scope of the ACPR.
To facilitate your journey, the ACPR has adopted a charter for Fintechs’ authorisation requests and educational materials explaining the applicable regulations.

This charter is built on a typical journey for a Fintech to obtain an authorization, from its first contact with the ACPR to the notification of the College’s decision.

For each major step (Parts 1 to 4), it lists the principles governing the ACPR’s action (on the deadlines, in particular) as well as expectations vis-à-vis the project initiators applying for authorisation.

Three more specific parts complement the Charter:

  • Part 5 deals with the granting of an exemption from authorisation;
  • Part 6 addresses the registration of payment service providers’ agents;
  • Part 7 refers to the joint ACPR-AMF process for registering digital asset service providers. This section is only descriptive.

Updated on: 01/10/2022 10:51