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Analysis and synthesis (Analyses et synthèses)

The cross-sectional risk studies are analytical documents or commentaries of investigations carried out by the SG-ACPR on risks in the banking and insurance sectors.

Publication Analysis and synthesis (Analyses et synthèses) no. 114:
Housing financing in 2019

In an environment where interest rates have dropped again and reached historical lows, the housing market was very dynamic in France in 2019: the number of transactions reached a new historical peak of 1,065,000 sales, while the INSEE price index for...

  • Published on 09/03/2021
  • FR
  • PDF (3.92 MB)
Publication Analysis and synthesis (Analyses et synthèses) no. 122:
The main results of the 2020 climate pilot exercise

The climate pilot exercise conducted by the ACPR is unprecedented. It is the first time that a supervisory authority organised with the banking and insurance groups under its responsibility such a comprehensive and challenging exercise to assess the...

  • Published on 05/04/2021
  • EN
  • PDF (3.55 MB)