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Consult the ACPR warnings about frauds

Some non-authorised or non-registered actors offer loans on very favourable terms or very attractive and even outstanding investments, in particular on the internet or social networks. On the other hand, individuals may use the ACPR’s or the Banque de France’s identity and pretend to be one of its agents to ask you for your bank details or money. These are frauds.

The ACPR and the AMF are vigilant and regularly publish lists of detected actors and alert communications.

Do not get ripped off and be vigilant!

Be careful of too attractive investment or loan propositions or messages from persons you do not know asking for money or bank details to solve or avoid a “problem”. Check the identity of this person.

As regards the ACPR or the Banque de France, you will never be contacted by an agent to ask for money or bank details (bank account number, payment card, etc.). If someone does so, it is a fraud!

You can find these alerts and lists on the ABEIS website, shared between the ACPR, AMF and the Banque de France.

Updated on: 06/07/2018 15:12