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Submit a claim regarding a professional

The ACPR does not have power to settle any dispute between you and your banker, insurer or any intermediary (broker, general agent, crowdfunding platform, etc.). The ACPR can however give you general information regarding the regulation and how to submit your claim.
However, you can send the ACPR a copy of the claim you addressed to the professional. It is useful to be informed on the reasons of dissatisfaction and detect malpractices.

How to submit a claim

Step 1: Contact your usual interlocutor. He may be able to respond to your claim.

If not, he must tell you how to contact the complaints department. This information shall be available, in particular in the professional facilities, documentation or its website.



Step 2: Write to the complaints department, preferably via registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or equivalent)

The ACPR recommends to professionals to:

- acknowledge receipt of your letter within ten business days after receipt;

- give you an answer within two months of the receipt of your letter, except particular cases (where appropriate you must be informed).


NB: Send the ACPR a copy of your claim for information. It is useful to be informed on the reasons of dissatisfaction and detect malpractices (see below).


If your request is rejected or refused, even partially, by the professional, the letter shall include the possible remedy and in particular the contact details of the mediator.

You can complaint to the mediator if :

You are not satisfied with the answer of the complaints department of your interlocutor. In this case, you can complaint to the mediator, provided that no legal proceedings are commenced or to be commenced. The mediation procedure is free, confidential and impartial.


You are not satisfied with the mediator’s opinion or if the professional refuses this opinion. In this case, you can sue it to the competent court. You can also sue your interlocutor without preliminary complaining to the mediator. Contact the tribunal before doing so.

You can find this information and practical advice to submit your complaint on the ABEIS website

ABEIS website proposed to the general public by the ACPR, AMF and the Banque de France.


Go to the ABEIS website

Contact the ACPR

If you have any question ...

... on regulation and good practices in the banking and insurance sectors, the ABEIS website proposes several practical information on the matter.


You wish to bring an issue you encountered with a professional body to the attention of the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR) , provide the ACPR with a copy of the complaint you sent to that professional body or ask a general question ?

By mail:

Banque de France - ACPR
TSA 50120
​75035 PARIS CEDEX 01


 By electronic means, by creating an account on the online application portal of the Banque de France:

Link to the online requests portal of the Banque de France


 Please refer to or attach the information and documents you wish to bring to our attention:

  • The name of the relevant professional body
  • Your question or a summary of the facts you wish to bring to the attention of the ACPR
  • A copy of the relevant contracts and exchanges of correspondence with the professional body concerned with these facts (bank, insurance company, mutual insurer, intermediary…)
  • Any document you deem useful


 What will be the outcome of your application?

  • Your request will be analysed. The ACPR uses the information received by customers to detect potential bad business practices and consequently guide its supervisory actions. However, its staff is bound by professional secrecy and will therefore not be able to share any information with you regarding the ACPR's controls.
  • Within 15 days, the Banque de France will provide you with general information on the regulation and procedural steps applicable to try and resolve your dispute.
    The ACPR and the Banque de France do not have the competence to settle disputes between banking or insurance sector bodies and one of their clients.

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