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Questionnaire on customer protection and business practices

The ACPR published on 13th December 2017 Instruction n°2017-I-21 re. the annual survey on commercial practices and consumer protection. This instruction repeals Instruction 2015-I-22. 

This survey collects:

  1. Data on identification and activity;
  2. Statistical data on business activity;
  3. Information relating to business practices and dedicated resources;
  4. Information relating to the internal control process.

Entities submitted to this survey are listed in Article 1 of the Instruction.

The data entry and the submission require accreditation into the web portal "OneGate". Actions are described in the manual OneGate.

In addition of explanatory notes included in Instruction, documents listed frequently asked questions are available for Insurance and  Bank.


WORD versions of the questionnaires Insurance and Bank and Excel versions of the second  party of the questionnaire requested numerical data are available for internal use only.

The submission of the questionnaire is submitted only via the web portal.

The response to the questionnaire should be returned via OneGate web portal  to the ACPR from 1st April and not later than 30 June of each year.


For any technical question, please contact support team:

For any other question, please contact,


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