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The Fintech Innovation hub

What is the ACPR Fintech Innovation hub?


Our team

Olivier Fliche



Olivier FLICHE entered the Finance Ministry in 1994.  In 2001—2003 he was seconded to the European Commission to help start the Solvency II project.  He then joined the Insurance supervisory authority as head of a supervisory unit and, later, after the merger with the banking supervisory authority, became director of prudential insurance supervision. From 2013 to 2018, he was director of the supervision of business practices directorate at the French banking and insurance supervisory authority (ACPR) and Chair of the IAIS Market Conduct Working Group (2013-2017).

Olivier FLICHE holds a degree of the École Polytechnique and a degree of the Institut d’études politique de Paris. He is also a qualified actuary (Institut des Actuaires).



Su Yang


Su YANG, a graduate from l’École Polytechnique (X2010), is a Corps des Mines Ingineer. He also has obtained a Data Science master degree from Mines-Télécom Institute.

After some experience as data scientist at a video game editor in San Francisco, he joined Fintech-Innovation Unit in July 2017.








  • Laurent Camus
  • Arthur Moraglia
  • Astrid Delacour
Our approach

The ACPR-FinTech Innovation Unit is the ACPR team dedicated to Fintech and to innovative project initiators.


This team depends on the General Secretary of the ACPR. It provides an interface between project initiators and the involved ACPR Directorates, as well as the Bank of France (for projects regarding payment services) and the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (for projects regarding investment services).


With the AMF, the ACPR-FinTech Innovation Unit leads the FinTech Forum, which gathers together professionals several times a year, in order to discuss regulatory and supervisory subjects related to Fintech and innovation.


The ACPR-FinTech Innovation Unit also analyses more cross-sectional innovations and monitors the digitalization of the French financial companies.


Why this dedicated Unit?

The ACPR has decided to create this dedicated Unit for the following reasons:

  • The number of applications submitted to the ACPR and involving innovative projects has noticeably increased 
  • Innovative projects require specific support:
    • to understand the regulation;
    • to understand the different status offered by the regulation that could be applicable to the planned activities;
    • to facilitate the approval or authorization.
  • Some projects require a close coordination between the ACPR and the AMF. The AMF also has a FinTech Innovation and Competitiveness Unit, as the entry point for the projects sponsors.  


 What are our missions ?

  • To receive innovative financial project initiators
  • To discuss with Fintech professionals, especially through FinTech Forum but also in bilateral settings.
  • To study new challenges to financial regulators and supervisors that arise from sectorial (payment, bank, insurance) or cross-sectorial (blockchain, innovative data use, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, digital identity) innovations.
  • To contribute to international studies regarding FinTech and innovation, especially those performed within European and international financial regulation groups (Financial Stability Forum, Basel Committee, International Association of Insurance Supervisors, the European Banking Authority, European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority…)
Do you have an innovative financial project ?

What is an innovative financial project?

Generally, an innovative financial project consists of the creation of a company (“start-up” style) with (i) a strong level of innovation and (ii) exercising on one or several financial fields coming within the competency of the ACPR.  

The innovation may be news technologies applied to the product, the procedure, the commercialization or the organization resulting in some innovative form of the aforementioned categories.

The ACPR has competence with regard to payment services and electronic money, banking activities (credits, deposits), investment services (with the AMF), insurance services. The ACPR has competence also regarding intermediation activities related to these different areas especially in relation to consumer protection. 

Note that credit institutions are authorized by the European Central Bank as part of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), further to an opinion from the ACPR

What is our mission towards innovative project initiators?

To inform you in a reactive manner on the applicable regulation for your project. You can send your questions or ask for an appointment at the following mailbox :


To guide you in your formalities to other directorates of the SGACPR and/or the Bank of France, with close cooperation with AMF when some aspects of investment services are included in the projects.

To ensure the follow-up of your formalities during the accreditation or authorization phase if your project requires a regulated status by ACPR and leads to your filing an application for the related license with the Authorization, Licensing and Regulation Directorate of the ACPR.


Nota Bene: Filing an application is entirely of your responsibility, consulting is not part of the ACPR’s missions. Regardless, we may answer your questions and doubts regarding the documents and analysis you need to provide in your license and authorization files in order to ease your path to license.

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