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The Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (formally Autorité de contrôle prudentiel) was created on 21 January 2010. It was set up following discussions on the reform of the financial system in the wake of the international financial crisis.

The main objective in creating this entity was to put in place a strong supervisory authority with an overall view of the banking and insurance sectors.

The main stages in the creation of the ACPR

The Economic Modernisation Act of August 2008 paved the way for changes to the French supervisory system. In particular, it enabled the government to take the necessary measures to merge the certification and supervisory authorities of the banking and insurance sectors. At the same time, it redefined their remits and powers with a view to safeguarding financial stability.


January 2009 : two reports by the French General Inspectorate of Finance recommended the merger of the certification and supervisory authorities of the banking and insurance sectors, while keeping two separate authorities: one overseeing the markets and the other for the prudential supervision of regulated entities.

July 2009 : the Minister of the Economy publicly announced, following consultation with the relevant authorities and professionals, the guidelines on the organisation and functioning of the future ACP.

21 January 2010 : the order 2010-76 creating the ACP was published in the Official Journal. It defined the ACP’s tasks, composition and organisation. In march 2010, the ACP was created through the merger of the following bodies:

  • Comité des entreprises d’assurance, CEA
  • Comité des établissements de crédit et des entreprises d’investissement, CECEI
  • Commission bancaire et Autorité de contrôle des assurances et des mutuelles, ACAM

3 March 2010 : the decree 2010-217 set out a number of points concerning the organisation, conduct of supervision and procedures of the ACP. At the same time, a number of decisions were published appointing members of the College, the Sanctions Committee and the General Secretariat of the ACP.

9 March 2010 : the ACP’s College, which was set up by Christine Lagarde, Minister of the Economy, met for the first time and held its first plenary session.

22 October 2010 : the Banking and Financial Regulation Act ratified the Order of 21 January 2010 creating the ACP. A number of changes were also made to the composition of the College, Sanctions Committee proceedings and consumer protection rules.

26 July 2013 : the Law on the Separation and Regulation of Banking Activities entrusted the ACP with the supervision of the preparation and implementation of measures to prevent and resolve banking crises. The ACP thus became the ACPR - Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution. 



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