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The Sanctions Committee

The Sanctions Committee to which the law has entrusted disciplinary powers is independent from the College of the ACPR which exercises prosecutorial functions. Thus, no member of the Sanctions Committee may also be a member of the College. Moreover, the latter has no power over the mandate of its members.


The Sanctions Committee is chaired by a State Councillor and was originally composed of four members: a Court of Cassation Councillor and three members selected for their expertise in matters that are useful for the ACPR to carry out its tasks. The Banking and Financial Regulation Act of 22 October 2010 having created the function of rapporteur, selected among the members of the Committee, the latter now comprises (for those cases for which it was seized after the entry into force of this Act) a sixth member appointed, like its Chairman, by the Vice-Chairman of the State Council.
The mandate of the members of the Sanctions Committee is five years. This mandate is renewable once. An alternate is appointed for each member of the Committee with the same terms and conditions.


Updated on: 06/12/2018 10:25