Single SFCR

Single solvency and financial condition report for a group and its subsidiaries

Overview of the measure

Insurance institutions and groups subject to Solvency II publish an annual Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) for public consumption. In particular, this report describes the institution’s or the group’s business and results, governance system, risk profile and valuation methods for solvency and capital management purposes. It also sets out and explains any significant changes relative to the previous period.


Authorisation to publish a single Solvency and Financial Condition Report at group level (single SFCR) allows the group parent to publish a single SFCR covering both the group and its members.


If a group chooses this presentation option, it must, in addition to its publication obligations, send a copy of the single document to the group’s supervisory authority. A summary of the document is translated into the language of each subsidiary, and supervisory authorities can also require groups to have the parts of the single document that correspond to institutions under their supervision translated into their language.


A single Solvency and Financial Condition Report at group level may cover only the group and certain of its members. In such cases, the other members of the group are required to publish individual Solvency and Financial Condition Reports.

Regulatory references

The provisions on the authorisation to publish a single Solvency and Financial Condition Report are laid down in Articles L.356-25 and R.356-60 of the Insurance Code, applicable to institutions covered by each of the three codes, which transpose Article 256 of Directive 2009/138/EC, known as “Solvency II”.


These provisions are detailed in Articles 365 and 370 of Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/35, known as “Level 2”.

Content of the application

The application must, in particular, specify the following:

  • a list of legal entities covered by the single report
  • the involvement of the boards of directors or supervisory boards of the subsidiaries in question in the process of preparing and signing off the single document (specifying in particular how information is fed back for the relevant parts of the document)
  • information about the content and structure of the report:
    • the organisation of the report and, in particular, the ability to identify sections corresponding to individual assessments
    • evidence that the information on each of the institutions covered is sufficient
  • an indication of any required translations that have been commissioned, with particular attention to timescales and content.

For groups whose “group supervisor” is the ACPR, applications may be submitted to the ACPR with effect from 1 January 2016 and must be submitted at least five months before the end of the period covered by the single Solvency and Financial Condition Report.


From 2020, publication deadlines for single SFCRs will be the same as those for SFCRs published by individual institutions. On a transitional basis, from 2016 to 2019 (inclusive), this deadline is extended by six weeks relative to the deadlines applicable to individual institutions.


The deadlines are thus as follows:


Group's balance sheet date between :Latest date by which single SFCR must be published :
30 june 2016 and 1 january 2017Balance sheet date + 26 weeks
2 january 2017 and 1 january 2018Balance sheet date + 24 weeks
2 january 2018 and 29 june 2019Balance sheet date + 22 weeks
30 june 2019 and 1 january 2020Balance sheet date + 20 weeks
From 1 january 2020Balance sheet date + 14 weeks


Issuance of authorisations

Applications should be sent by post to the following address, as well as by e-mail to the inspection team responsible for the group:


Secrétariat général de l’Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution
Brigade de contrôle des organismes d’assurance
61, rue Taitbout
75436 Paris Cedex 09


After consulting the supervisory authorities of the foreign subsidiaries in question and taking into account opinions and reservations expressed by them, the ACPR will reach its decision within five months.

Validity of authorisations

The authorisation to produce a single report remains valid as long as the scope covered by the report remains unchanged.

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