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Authorisation Directorate

The Authorisation Directorate is responsible for authorisations and other licenses linked to authorisations, during the life of institutions, especially for takeovers, restructuring and changes in managers, in both sectors. More generally, it monitors up the civil status of persons authorised, licensed or recorded by the Authority and ensures the creation and publication, when appropriate, of these persons.


It is composed of three divisions:


Banks and Investment Firms Division

The Banks and Investment Firms Division is responsible for these two types of institutions.

Insurance Institution Division

The Insurance Institutions Division (SOA) is responsible for all institutions of the insurance sector that fall under the Insurance Code, the Mutual Insurance Code or the Social Security Code. The SOA also deals with all issues about the granting of authorisation for European passport in the insurance sector.

Specialised Procedures and Institutions Division

The Specialized Procedures and Institutions Division is responsible for supervised institutions subject to ACPR’s licences or authorisations other than credit institutions or investment firms (payment and electronic money institutions, money changers…) and for granting European passports for the financial sector (excluding insurance)

Updated on: 06/12/2018 10:24