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Supervision of Business Practises Directorate

The Supervision of Business Practices Directorate aims at contributing to the security of banking and insurance institutions’ customers, by ensuring, through the surveillance and off-site and on-site inspections, the compliance of contracts and business practices with the applicable provisions and good practices. It contributes to the evolution of regulation and practices to adapt them to the needs of customer protection. It develops recommendation drafts. It is also in charge of coordinating other Authority’s interlocutors in this area, in particular by cooperating with the Autorité des marchés financiers (Financial Market Authority) as part of the Joint Unit.


It is composed of four divisions:

Oversight of Contracts and Risks Division

The Oversight of Contracts and Marketing Risks Division is responsible for analysing contracts, advertisements and risks linked in particular to the direct marketing by institutions, together with other competent divisions.

Intermediaries Supervision Division

The Intermediaries Supervision Division is in charge of the supervision of all intermediaries of both sectors, in cooperation with other competent divisions.

Consumer Information & Complaints Division

The Consumer Information and Complaints Division is responsible for handling all requests from the customers of institutions subject to the Authority’s supervision, according to rules specific to each sector.

Coordination Division

The Coordination Division is responsible for the coordination with the DGCCRF (Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Prevention of Fraud), the Comité consultatif du secteur financier (The Financial Sector Advisory Committee) and other external interlocutors working in the customer protection field.

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