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Mandatory annual report regarding unclaimed life insurance and unclaimed pension products

The "Eckert" law dated 13th June 2014 re. inactive banking accounts and unclaimed life insurance provides for annual communication of a report to the ACPR. This report must specify number and outstanding of life insurance policies and private sector savings bonds  meeting criteria fixed by order of the Minister in charge of Economy, for which assets or annuities due have not been paid to the beneficiaries.

The "Sapin II" law dated 9th December 2016 also introduces the obligation for insurers to report annually to the ACPR number and outstanding of pension products which are not closed out although they were subscribed by holders over the retirement age and, methods adopted to inform them.

Instruction ACPR 2016-I-26 published 14th December 2016 and Instruction ACPR 2017-I-15 define conditions of communication of information requested.

Organizations subject to this report are defined to Article 1 of Instructions. Those which have never exercise life insurance activity or, on the basis of Sapin II law, those which have never exercise pension products activity are exempt.

Figures for each annual report are prepared as at 31th December of the previous year of communication of this report. Explanations are included in a notice annexed to Instruction ACPR 2016-I-26. The report must be validated by an executive director or by any person so authorised.

The report includes a table filled in and submitted via OneGate web portal. Access to OneGate requires an accreditation.
Actions are described in a user manual dedicated to this report. 

The report is available through the OneGate portal from January 15. The submission deadline, which was initially set on April 15 at the latest each year, is extended to June 30 2020 for the 2020 data collection (on 2019 data). 


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