Association of actuaries

Association of actuaries recognised by the ACPR

Association of actuaries recognised by the ACPR

Reference texts :


     Insurance CodeSocial Security CodeMutual Insurance Code

A 331-10, A 331-22, A 335-1

A 931-10-9, A 931-10-10A 212-9, A 212-10


Insurance undertakings, mutual insurers and provident institutions use mortality tables and regulatory maintenance laws to calculate annuities and technical provisions in relation to incapacity and invalidity benefits. However, these institutions may refer to their own specific tables, provided that those tables have been certified by an actuary who is independent of the institution in question and authorised by an association of actuaries recognised by the supervisory authority.

The Institute of Actuaries has been recognised by the supervisory authority for the authorisation of such actuaries, as well as those tasked with undertaking five-yearly actuarial reviews of retirement savings plans (PERPs).

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