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The Scientific Consultative Committee

The duties of the Scientific Consultative Committee are to promote synergies between financial research and prudential supervision and to keep abreast of developments liable to affect the banking and insurance sectors. It is chaired byThomas Philippon, and vicechaired by Anne Epaulard.


  • Thomas Philippon, chairman
  • Anne Epaulard, vice-chairman


  • Laurent Clerc, economist,  Banque de France
  • Antoine Frachot, economist, Crédit immobilier de France
  • Christian Gollier, professor, University of Toulouse 1
  • Christian Gourieroux, professor, ENSAE and University of Tokyo
  • Guillaume Leroy, consulting actuary, Institut des actuaires  
  • Catherine Lubochinsky, professor, University of Paris 2
  • Didier Marteau, professor, ESCP Europe
  • Guillaume Plantin, professor, Institut des études politiques de Paris 
  • Hélène Rey, professor, London business school
  • Laurence Scialom, professor, University of  Paris-Nanterre
  • Amine Tarazi, professor, University of Limoges
  • David Thesmar, professor, HEC
  • Philippe Trainar, chief economist and special advisor to the chairman, SCOR  
  • Natacha Valla, deputy director,  Centre d'études prospectives et d'informations internationales



Jean Boissinot (economist, Direction Générale du Trésor) and Thierry Philiponat (representing the Sanctions Committte of the ACPR) also attend the Scientific committee's  sessions.

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