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Economic and financial debates

Working papers calling for a reflection on issues related to the economics of banking and insurance, and their regulation

Publication Economic and financial debates no. 25:
European banks’ technical efficiency and performance: do business models matter? The case of European co-operatives banks

This paper analyses the technical efficiency of European co-operative banks compared to European commercial banks from 2006 to 2014. For this we use the B-convexity method, an innovative approach in frontier efficient models estimation, to measure...

  • Published on 12/07/2016
  • FR
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Publication Economic and financial debates no. 23:
Support for the SME Supporting Factor - Multi-country empirical evidence on systematic risk factor for SME loans

Using a unique and comprehensive data set on the two largest economies of the Eurozone – France and Germany – this paper first proceeds to a computation of the Gordy formula relaxing the ad hoc size-dependent constraints of the Basel formulas. Our...

  • Published on 10/07/2016
  • FR
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Publication Economic and financial debates no. 24:
Optimal capital, regulatory requirements and bank performance in times of crisis: Evidence from France

The recent implementation of the Basel III framework has re-ignited the debate around the link between capital, performance and capital requirements in the banking sector. There is a dominant view in the ...

  • Published on 10/04/2016
  • FR
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Publication Economic and financial debates no. 22:
Prudential filters, portfolio composition and capital ratios in European banks

European banks hold 10% of their total assets in portfolios that give rise to unrealised gains and losses which under Basel III will no longer be allowed to be excluded from banks’ regulatory capital. Using a ...

  • Published on 08/07/2016
  • FR
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Publication Economic and financial debates no. 21:
The real effects of universal banking on firms’ investment: micro-evidence from 2004-2009

Most studies analyzing the transmission of financial shocks to the real economy fail to uncover real effects at firm level. Taking into account banks' business models, this article attempts to fix that issue. Two banking models are considered:...

  • Published on 08/07/2016
  • FR
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