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The ACPR and you

The ACPR has several missions, in particular ensuring customer protection in the banking and insurance sector. This overall mission includes supervising the implementation of customer protection rules by professionals as part of their business practices. However, the ACPR does not have power to settle individual disputes between a customer and its bank, insurer or intermediary.

The ACPR’s action aims at promoting fair behaviours and business practices to professionals, taking into account customers’ interests, limiting their risks and preventing the risks of conflict of interests to the customers’ detriment. More specifically, the ACPR:



... market practices: advertisements, products and services, marketing methods, etc. This monitoring relies on information collected from the general public and professionals. The ACPR works in collaboration with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), the French financial market authority in the Joint Committee. It exchanges information with the DGCCRF, the Comité consultatif du secteur financier and the different participants of the sector in general: consumer associations, business associations, mediators, supervisors from other European countries, etc. This surveillance and analysis activity ensures the identification and anticipation of priorities to be addressed.



Controls ...

... the business practices of banking and insurance undertakings, their intermediaries and crowdfunding intermediaries. The ACPR asks professionals to correct their practices whenever it is necessary according to its observations.



Provides orientations ...

... to market practices by its supervision and communication. When it notes more general issues, it also can publish guidelines of good practices to professionals. Thus, it improves the relationship of trust between clients and professionals for the benefit of everyone.

See ACPR guidelines of good practices


Informs ...

If you are a bank, insurance or intermediary client and have any question, the ACPR gives you practical information via the ABEIS website.
If you want to submit a claim

The ACPR does not have power to deal with your claims but it can give you information to address it.

How to submit a claim

ACPR's missions
These consumer protection actions, along with other ACPR’s missions, aim at building trust in the financing sector and contributing to its stability.

You can find all the ACPR missions described in detail in the following document.See the ACPR missions at the domestic and European levels

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