Credit and financing

  • Approval of Fintech as a credit institution

The ECB has published on September, 21st 2017 a special guide for the approval of Fintech as a credit institution. This guide is intended to provide greater clarity on the procedure and to assist candidates for authorization in their preparation. It complements a general guide, also open to consultation, on the authorization of credit institutions in the euro area. You can reply to the consultation by clicking on this link.

  • Authorization procedures for credit institutions

The public consultation on the proposed regulatory standards concerning the information to be provided in the application for the authorization of Credit Institutions was open until February, 8th 2017. The consultation is available here.


The crowdfunding and P2P lending sector
  • Amendments to the crowdfunding regulation in France:

The French decree on crowdfunding of October 28th, 2016 brings changes to certain regulatory rules applicable to crowdfunding in France and lays down the rules applicable to the issuing of minibonds (in French "minibons"), which were created by the ordinance of April 28th, 2016 relative to the commercial papers (in French "bons de caisse").

  • A new legal framework for the crowdfunding of renewable energy projects:

The article L.315-28 of French Energy Code, which has been introduced following the 2015 law on energy transition, together with the Decree of September 29th, 2016, lays down a new legal framework for the crowdfunding of renewable energy projects. It especially aims at enabling local public entities and residents to invest in local projects for generating green energy.

  • Credit granting by investment funds:

The French decree of November 24th, 2016 lays down the requirements, which are applicable to some alternative investment funds (professional specialized investment funds and professional private equity investment funds) to be allowed to grant credits to businesses. These alternative investment funds are regulated and supervised by the French Financial Market Authority.

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